Why Bicycle Music?

This is a collection of random thoughts presented to address the question; why bicycle music?

IMG_24641) There does not need to be a reason beyond the fact that it’s so much fun. Having recently attended the “Shrimp Fest” I am newly stoked about the esthetic rewards of a small scale, human powered concert (this one was on the yuba river far removed from any infernal combustion traffic). The quality of my experience far exceeded that of the average large outdoor festival or concert in so many ways. It was uplifting to be among the riders. It is an exhilarating, and revolutionary act to be having this much fun while incorporating the travel, and generation of electricity into the art form of sustainability to produce the greenest, eco-grooviest music event imaginable. Gandhi would approve of this gig! To top it off, the music was awesome and went on til the sun came up.

2) I saw Pete Seeger on “Democracy Now!” not too long ago. Pete was saying that he doesn’t “believe that something big is going to bring about lasting change. A whole lot of little things is what brings the lasting change.” Bicycle music is like that. It is a more intimate way to bring music to people. It involves people personally and intimately. It’s a way to bring bicycles to people and get everyone excited about riding instead of driving. And the human powered electric generators make a statement about the personal power of an individual, and the coming together of personal power of individuals to make something bigger and more beautiful. Bicycles as human powered generators is a simple and powerful idea with many potential applications and exciting social implications. This is the creative edge where these ideas are being born and tested.

3) I am thinking that there is something about rolling along the earth on two wheels propelled by personal power that produces euphoria in human beings. There may be some philosophizing to do about whether or not it is a good idea to seek the euphoric experience, but it sure feels good when it happens.

4) It might seem obvious to say it here, but, if everyone rode bicycles more often the world would be a better place.
Love, Bear