In Support of the Annual Food and Supply Run to the Big Mountain/Black Mesa Region of the Dine’ (Navajo) Nation in Arizona


Since 1991 we’ve been traveling to the Big Mountain/Black Mesa region of the Dine’ (Navajo) Nation to bring food, supplies, fire wood and labor to elders and families.  These earth defenders have been resisting forced relocation since 1974 due to their opposition to the world’s largest coal strip mine. We’re part of an extended network of activists from around the globe who support the original people of Turtle Island.

To raise funds for the journey and awareness of the issue, Clan Dyken has been setting out on the annual Revive the Beauty Way Tour through the west coast of the United States for 25 years.

For all those years the members of our extended musical family have been supporting this effort.  We look forward to the tour, followed by the journey to the remote regions of the Dine’ Nation to deliver your good will.  Many of you have attended and/or played music at the shows, given generously of your harvest and other resources –you are part of the gifts of food, firewood and supplies we bring to the elders and families. You have hosted us in your communities, sheltered and fed us in your homes and sent us off in a good way.

We start this year’s voyage tonight at the Refuge in Jamestown.  Here’s the tour schedule for this year.  We can’t wait to see you, play some new songs and others you’ll know.  Let’s dance the dream awake one more time!


Revive The Beauty Way Tour 2017


October 28 – The Refuge – Jamestown, CA

November 2 – Temple of Intention – Mt Shasta, CA

November 3 – Williams Grange –  Williams, OR

November 4 – D Street Neighborhood Center – Arcata, CA

November 5 – North Fork Grange – Junction City, CA

November 9 – Ukiah Brewing Company – Ukiah, CA

November 11 – St. Joseph’s Cultural Center – Grass Valley, CA

November 12 – The Place for Sustainable Living – Oakland, CA

November 17 – Cooper’s Corral – Sheep Ranch, CA

November 18 – 26 – Dine’ Nation Food and Supply Run


I’ll be sending out more details on the shows soon.  There are so many other wonderful bands and things to tell you about, but I gotta get out the door for the gig tonight.  You can check out some detail at and on Facebook.

Source: MapsGalaxy