2008 Thanksgiving Give Back

bearThe 2008 Thanksgiving Give Back trip in support of indigenous people in the Big Mountain region of the Dineh (Navajo) Nation was an adventure of love and light.

Once again the support of people in this musically connected family rose to the occasion and raised the funds and energy to supply over 100 families with food, labor, fire wood and other supplies. From the shows to the journey, the organizing, food and firewood pick up and delivery, setting up and maintaining the camp and group kitchen, connecting with other groups and people to improve our service. The entire event is magic and it reaches these wonderful keepers of sacred fire.

As times get rough for first world Americans they get a small taste of what many people, -especially traditional people- on the reservation, live with every day. Grandmothers told one group who delivered food to their remote homesteads that they were so glad to be remembered. It is a hard life out there. But it is a beautiful life. When we remember them they smile.
woodyDuring our stay the land it is always finding new ways to reveal its beauty. This year one way was a powerful thunder storm that blew into Dove Spring the night before Thanksgiving. The lightning flashes were so bright the camp looked as if it was being hit by an arc welder and the thunder grew louder and louder, like an avalanche as the storm moved right over our camp. I watched from the warmth and comfort of the bus as the canyon lit up and the earth shook. In the morning through out the camp we talked about the charge the storm left on the land. In some ways like the charge the land was leaving on all of us.

When it was over 100 families recieved food boxes, hundreds of jackets and warm clothes were distributed, 35 cords of cut and split firewood were delivered. Much harder to measure is the impact on the people who made the journey. That will take some time.

More pictures from the Thanksgiving Give Back 2008

Thanksgiving Give Back/ To Be So Blessed

Photos and song documenting the annual Thanksgiving Food and Supply Run to the Dine people of Big Mountain in resistance to forced relocation from their land in north eastern Arizona.

The song, “To Be So Blessed” is by Somer Moon, performed by Somer Moon and Clan Dyken at Paradise studio in Sacramento California.

Recording, mix and keyboards by Jeff “Fingers” Crawford.